Client Testimonials


"I had contacted Julie after being laid off from a large company in Alberta.  I felt as if my life was in absolute disarray.  After one week of getting over the initial shock I started on my path to search for focus in my life again and had contacted Julie to get assistance with this.  Julie provided me with the tools needed to approach my professional and personal life.  I was able to reflect on my life using the tools she provided me with.  We explored and worked through different avenues and scenarios that at the end allowed me to get clarity and a path forward.  Julie is truly an inspiration!  Julie is positive and caring!  She listens and provides feedback.  I am truly grateful for being a part of this integral process!"




"Through my employer, I was given the opportunity to have coaching sessions with Julie.  I was a bit skeptical of the idea at first, because I didn’t know what to expect. Julie made me feel comfortable so quickly.  She taught me the importance of believing in myself and honoring my values.  I have always struggled with self-confidence issues, and Julie taught me to “squash the gremlin”, the voice in my head that was telling me I couldn’t do something.  I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I can recognize that “voice” in my head.


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Julie.  I’ve learned so much about myself through this journey and am certain I will use this knowledge for years to come.  Julie – thank you for coaching me to believe in myself.  I couldn’t be happier with the results."




"Over the past year Julie has helped me achieve many personal goals, ambitions and aspirations.  She has taught me how to obtain the results I need in both my personal and professional life in an approach that is both positive and inspiring.  I expect to benefit from her coaching for years to come."




"Julie’s dedication to coaching is amazing.  With Julie, I felt supported, never judged and her thoughtful facilitation process guided and challenged me towards achieving a more balanced life. She is a gifted and caring individual who empowers others to be their best and surpass their own expectations."




"Julie is an inspiring coach.  Through our sessions I have gained clarity and insight to identify goals, and empowerment to realize my potential. Julie has helped me identify blind spots and self-limiting thinking patterns, and then re-frame these into positive, action-oriented opportunities. She has great skills and talent for pin-pointing the important issues and be totally “present” during our sessions.


Through my coaching with Julie, I have learned how to remain focused on the bigger picture and not get totally immersed in the current situations that can so easily absorb time and energy. The techniques Julie uses have helped me tremendously, providing me with a tool kit of resources that I can use at any time. Clear, concise, no-nonsense and empathetic, I have already highly recommended Julie to friends."




"Working with Julie is like a spring-cleaning for your soul!  The clutter gets thrown out, the dust lifts, and the good stuff gets polished and shines.  I am now on track with what is important to me in my life. I can also run a 10K under an hour. I’m proud of myself and my accomplishments.  Thanks, Julie."




"When I started my coaching sessions with Julie, I felt the beginning of a huge, and long overdue shift in how I was living my life. With working full time and going to school almost full time, I found that I was allowing myself to become overwhelmed by the smallest things and was living in full-on “stress mode”. In addition, to that, I didn’t value myself and I was constantly shooting down my own wants, needs, and desires in order to please the people around me."


Julie encourages me to achieve and maintain the focus I need to become more present in my daily life, she holds me accountable for taking charge of my future and she gives me the tools to say yes to myself – and no to others - without feeling guilt and remorse. As I continue on with this journey of life coaching, I have come to have a higher self-image and more determination to fulfill myself.  I am more empowered, compassionate, and in charge of my life.  I would never have gotten to this point without Julie’s direct, honest and caring approach as a life coach. My work with Julie has and continues to be invaluable."




"Julie has been such a positive force in my life. This past year, with her guidance and insight I have learned how to better honour my values and myself. I have faced fears that have been holding me back for years and accomplished goals I have only been dreaming of. I am so excited for the new path I am on and the possibilities that lie ahead. I am so grateful to you, Julie, for helping me shift my perspective, quiet the negative chatter in my head, and guide me to what truly lights me up."